“I’m a big fan of short books. I like a book that entertains me and is a quick read. This book fit that criteria perfectly. This was entertaining with the mystery and the supernatural elements in this book. It was very well written. I appreciated the action and even the romance. A solid quick read that would be recommended to those who like a mixture of romance, mystery, and supernatural. –books.cats.travel.food (Instagram Book Influencer)

I found this fast paced read entertaining and thrilling. I enjoy a romantic suspense novel with lots of action and great chemistry, but add a murder mystery and a bit of magic and the supernatural, I found myself anxiously flipping those pages. This book could easily be read in one or two sittings and enjoyed by anyone who reads Sandra Brown, Nancy Bush or Heather Graham. ⁣Nurse_bookie (Instagram Book Influencer)

“The book is good but I wanted so much more of everything that I wish it was longer. I wanted more of the supernatural powers that the book drew me into these characters having. I honestly would not have been made at reading another 150-200 pages because there is a lot more deep plot that could be shared. ⁣ Other than wanting more, it was well written and I loved Sebastian and Hannah. I was not bored at all and if you are looking for a fast read that combines romance and murder and mystery, this one might be what you are looking for.CLICK HERE FOR FULL REVIEW – Reading_with_Nicole (Instagram book influencer)

“Hannah is investigating the mysterious murders of a secret society. She meets the Master of the Serpents, Sebastian and quickly falls in love with him. Before she realizes it, she is quickly immersed into his life and on a mission to help stop the person who is trying to take down the Order while trying not to get herself killed in the process. I read this book quickly. It has underlying supernatural themes with a little action and romance. It was a good book with a solid premise. I just felt like there could have been more.” – kmo.reads (Instagram Book Influencer)