Reviews for My Three Men

“Petra Sharpe writes a fun take on a billionaire romance trope that is super hot, sexy, with amazing chemistry. I literally read this in one sitting. The writing was fast paced, and I loved the multiple POVs from Anna, Tyler, Will and Nate. If you have ever wanted to read about polyamorous romance, this is a great start.”   nurse_bookie (Instagram book influencer)

“Fun, quick romcom read that will keep its readers engaged until the very last page. This book reminded me so much of The Hating Game (Christina Lauren) meets The Real Deal (Lauren Blakely). It has the perfect amount of romance, spice, angst, and humor in it. If there’s a sequel in the works, I’d definitely want to read that. Highly recommended if you’re a fan of the two authors mentioned above!” – pastbookish (Instagram Book Influencer)

“Well…oh my! We have a *steamy* one here. I didn’t hate it!! If you’re looking for something light but intensely passionate and fun to read, “My Three Men” by Petra Sharpe is a solid choice … A super fun read that served as a perfect steamy “escape” while reading it.  – bayeringwithfreshman (Instagram book influencer)

“This short book not only packed a punch but was filled with steam! … I devoured in one night and didn’t want to end. I’d love to read more from Petra Sharpe!” ️️️️ joannasbookshelf (Instagram book influencer)

“In a world of perfect morals and happily ever afters, this book was a refreshing break.” mowgliwithabook (Instagram book influence)

If you are looking for steam and also fantasy than this book is for you! Well written and a really quick read.” Books.Cats.Travel.Food (Instagram book influencer) 

Reviews for The Past Between Us

Petra Sharpe his it out of the park with The Past Between Us. She is quickly becoming a favorite romance author and I will read everything she writes. This age gap romance starts with a punch and never lets you go. Be ready to stay up well past your bedtime for some steamy read, and I promise you won’t be mad about it.

In this book, Sharpe pulled at the readers’ heartstrings for a more in-depth look at a character with a past who deserves a second chance – even if it’s with your ex’s daughter. I loved the chemistry, complex relationships, and the overall themes. ⁣

⁣Fantastic read – highly addictive!⁣  nurse_bookie (Instagram book influencer)

The author did a good job of keeping my attention as the story flowed well and was entertaining. Definitely a unique read. If you are looking for something spicy and different check this one out on Kindle Unlimited! (Instagram book influencer)