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Paranormal Romance

Beth Larkin writes paranormal romance based on vampires or shapeshifters. Her stories are always written in series format. Beth’s books typically have a steam level of 4 (out of 5) and are designed to be quickly engaging stories.   

Lola's Legacy

Vampire Romance by Beth Larkin

Lola is a bartender at a popular nightclub in Miami, where she enjoys the nightlife and the attention of her customers. One night, she meets a mysterious and handsome stranger named Drake, who offers her a drink and a ride home. Lola accepts, unaware that Drake is a vampire hunting for a powerful artifact…and she is the key to finding it.

Book 1 in the Seduced by Shadows series

Fated Mates

A Shapeshifter Romance by Beth Larkin

The Gods have decided that mating with humans is the shifter clan’s only real chance for survival, and have fated Rhonan – the king of the clan – with Lera, who wants nothing more than to kill him.

Book 1 in the Moonridge Chronicles

Jane Cloyble’s stories straddle the line between paranormal and fantasy romance. Her stories are generally medium steam (3 out of 5) and often include elements of mystery. 

Secret Society Affair

A Forbidden Alliance Romance by Beth Larkin

In a thrilling tale of love, mystery, and the supernatural, join Hannah and Sebastian as they navigate a world where trust is a precious commodity, and passion ignites in the most unexpected places. Will their love withstand the trials of a hidden society, or will the shadows consume them?

Romancing the Dream

A Paranormal/Fantasy Romance by Jane Cloyble

Lila and James find themselves ensnared in a phenomenon known as dream telepathy. Bound by a connection neither can explain, their nocturnal encounters are a balm to their waking solitude. With every shared dream, they draw closer to a truth that defies explanation. As skeptics cast doubt, and friends voice concerns, Lila and James embark on a quest to prove that love transcends the confines of the mind. This is a tale of longing, discovery, and the unbreakable bond of souls that find each other against all odds.