Reviews for Fleeing Fame

The book is filled with twists, scandals, hidden truths, and romance. The chemistry between Sarah and Brandon is fire, and their holiday romance is just the light hearted story I needed this week. The characters are well-drawn, with Sarah’s vulnerability and Brandon’s charm making them perfect. The supporting cast added enough depth to the story. Set in Hawai’i , there was no way I wasn’t going to love this book!! Fleeing Fame is a novel that combines passion and drama & is a must-read for anyone who enjoys a good romance.Mowgliwithabook (Instagram book influencer)

This was a great break from my normal genre. I flew through the pages. I’ve not read much in the way of instant romances and I am not sure this was believable, but I did like the story. Sarah and Brandon meet by chance at a hotel in Hawaii. Both are discontent by things going on in their current lives. They give each other fake names and seem to hit it off instantly, but are still cautious around each other. Brandon’s manager is working with his ex-Gina, to make career power plays behind his back. Sarah is soon to be on the receiving end of the drama. Brandon and Sarah wind up stranded and he tells her his real feelings, but does that even matter? If you like insta-romances with some steam, then you are sure to enjoy this book!  Kmo.Reads (Instagram Book Influencer)

“Who doesn’t want to fall in love with a rock star? I found this to be a fun romance read, full of scandal and filled with secrets and lies. A fun beach read or something you should be reading when you are longing to be away on vacation. I read this on a plane and felt myself whisked away to Hawaii. It’s a quick read which kept me entertained. Some parts had me needing to suspend belief, but if you look at this as a fun read I think you would enjoy. Recommended for those who enjoy celebrity love stories or insta love stories with some steam.” – (Instagram book influencer)