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Fated Mates


Two human sisters, Lera and Ellie Wareham, have been left to fend for themselves after their father died trying to protect them from rogue shifters with royal decrees.

Book 1 in the Moonlight Chronicles

Shifter Romance



Romancing the Dream


Lila and James are experiencing a phenomenon known as dream-telepathy. As their dreams become more frequent and intense, the line between reality and dream blurs and Lila and James embark on a mutual quest to find each other.

Paranormal Romance



The Professor


Talia is a graduate student with a crush on her married professor, who also happens to be her dad’s best friend. When he comes to stay at their lake house in Michigan, sparks fly. But keeping their secret proves difficult.

Contemporary Romance

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Petra Sharpe's Second Novel

The Past Between Us

contemporary Romance by Petra Sharpe

When a nasty break-up has Taylor questioning everything, the last person she expects to change her life is her mom’s ex-boyfriend.

Available Exclusively on Amazon

Petra Sharpe's Debut Novel

My Three Men

Billionaire Romance by Petra Sharpe

In the words of one Instagram Book Influencer, “a fun take on a billionaire romance trope that is super hot, sexy, with amazing chemistry.” 

Available Exclusively on Amazon

Jane Cloyble's Debut Novel

Secret Society Affair

paranormal Romance by jane cloyble

In a thrilling tale of love, mystery, and the supernatural, join Hannah and Sebastian as they navigate a world where trust is a precious commodity, and passion ignites in the most unexpected places. Will their love withstand the trials of a hidden society, or will the shadows consume them?

Praise for Jane Cloyble's "Secret Society Affair"

"I found this fast paced read entertaining and thrilling."

Nurse_Bookie, Instagram book influencer

Available Exclusively on Amazon

Jennie Jenning's Debut Novel

Fleeing Fame

Rock Star Romance by Jennie Jennings

What would you do if you woke up one morning and discovered you were famous? Find out in this sizzling rock star romance full of scandal, intrigue, secrets and lies.

Praise for Jennie Jennings's "Fleeing Fame"

"Absolutely Loved it!"

- Mowgliwithabook, Instagram book influencer

Available Exclusively on Amazon

Jennie Jenning's Second Novel

Eden Caldwell's Big Break

Contemporary Romance by Jennie Jennings

Her ex is cast in the same Christmas movie, but will it turn out to be the nightmare she is expecting? A sizzling enemies-to-lovers Christmas romance. 

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